“Prison Houdini” Has Escaped 13 Times in 36 Years

Savant inmate Mark DeFriest dubbed Florida's Houdini for his 13 daring prison break attempts may finally escape legally after 36 years

Via Daily Mail: A savant escape artist inmate – dubbed Florida’s Houdini for his 13 daring prison break attempts – may finally be freed after 36 years. Mark DeFriest, who suffers from undiagnosed mental issues, was just 19 when he was jailed in 1979 for ‘stealing’ mechanic tools left to him in his father’s will – before probate was granted. But his four year sentence spiraled into almost decades behind bars – 27 of those years in solitary confinement – after the genius escape artist’s multiple break outs. Today, he may finally have a taste of legal freedom as the Florida parole commission reviews his case to decide whether to free DeFriest, now 55.

Should we really be applauding this guys escaping abilities? I mean he turned an initial 4 year sentence in to THIRTY SIX YEARS. At some point around escape number 6 or 7 you really need to ask yourself, is this worth it? Now it shouldn’t be overlooked that this DeFriest guy is actually a little bit mentally handicapped so he probably doesn’t really understand the ramifications of what he’s doing and probably shouldn’t ever have been sent to prison to begin with. But I mean come on, homeboy is like bizarro world Frank Abagnale Jr. If they made a movie about his life it would be called, “Catch Me Every Time”. This is a classic dog chasing a car situation really. If a dog ever actually caught up to a passing car it wouldn’t have any clue what to do because dogs chase just to chase. Same thing here with DeFriest he doesn’t know why he’s doing it he just knows he loves escaping. The problem is that he actually pulls it off and then has no clue what the next step in the plan is. So here’s hoping Florida just lets this poor guy go. Seems like serving 9 times your original sentence is probably sufficient punishment for stealing some tools that were supposed to be yours anyway. Hopefully those were some pretty sweet tools.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Here’s a GIF that represents our prison/criminal justice system:


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