LeSean McCoy Officially Getting Preferential Treatment

LeSean McCoy

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy met with Philadelphia prosecutors Tuesday evening. The meeting, which originally had been scheduled to take place at the district attorney’s office, instead took place at the office of McCoy’s attorney, Dennis Cogan.

Nearly 3 weeks after swinging at off-duty cops, on video, and LeSean McCoy is not only walking around free as a bird, he’s actually getting sit downs with the Philadelphia Prosecutors! Star treatment like you read about. I guess being the best running back in Philadelphia really comes with its benefits. This dude clearly threw several punches during this melee, which was caught on video and he has yet to get hit with any charges. Good for him, I guess, all that hard work may not have paid off on the field in terms of winning, but it sure as hell is paying off now in the Philadelphia justice system. Also big time power move by Shady, moving the meeting location to his home turf. There has be something more to this whole situation. It’s hard to believe that city prosecutors in today’s 24/7 news cycle, would be dumb enough to blatantly give preferential treatment to a star athlete….

OHHHH so the Off Duty Cops were the instigators after Shady stole their girls?! I mean c’mon, I get that the cops were upset,after putting in the leg work all night with the girls buying drinks  left and right, 30 minutes away from closing and getting these girls back to their place and boom, in walks all-pro NFL running back Shady McCoy. I mean you just have chalk that one up as an L and walk away with your head held high. Everyone knows you can’t compete with with an athlete(‘s money). I mean he even bought her a birthday cake with sparklers…did you buy her a birthday cake with sparklers?? That’s when you know its time to go home, pick up some pizza on the way, and see if you can jerk off before passing out. #singlelife101

If this is true, hats off to the Philly officials for not over reacting to the video and really investigating the incident in a fair manner. Too often nowadays decisions are made based off of public outcry, ruining lives in the process. It’s nice to see some people won’t be swayed by the online PC police.

ps. Burying the headline score 9/10





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