Here Comes the MONEYYYYY!!!!!

Live look at Coach last night when he foud this out.


Is there ANYTHING on this earth more electric than Shane McMahon? Yes. The answer is Shane O Mac!!!!!! Coming back to the WWE after successfully creating an on demand video service in China, Shane O’Mac has returned to Papa McMahon’s dumpster fire of an organization to save the day.

Look, there’s little doubt that Vince McMahon isn’t having the greatest year. Ratings are low, the WWE stock isn’t great, and Superstars are getting hurt left and right. I’m pretty sure this year’s Wrestlmania Main Event, which features the old testicles of Triple H and the forced testicles of Roman Reigns, is like the 17th match they wrote up at the beginning of the road to Wrestlmania. Cena got hurt, Seth Rollins got hurt, Daniel Bryan retired…the list goes on and on. If you need a rating pop, and you want to get some of the older generation of wrestling fans like myself back and engaged and blogging about it, you have to keep bringing stars from the Attitude Era back. Yes, it’s a cheap desperate tactic, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work.

Putting Shane O Mac in a Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker for control of Raw will only end one way…and that’s the Undertaker winning. But, if you don’t think the most electric moment of all of Wrestlmania will be “Here Comes the Money” blasting through Jerry Land with Shane in his Air Force Ones and his baseball jersey side steppin’ on bitches on his way to the ring, then you’re about as dumb Vince McMahon for thinking we like Reigns as much as he does. Shane returning to the WWE is…





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