Mice to Blame for ‘Eating’ Plans to Fix Brussels’ Traffic Problems

BRUSSELS, Feb. 20 (UPI) — The humble mouse, not municipal laziness, is to blame for extensive delays in repairs of Brussels’ traffic-ridden streets, officials said As underground tunnels beneath the bustling city continue to crumble and essential city streets shut down, causing traffic chaos, an official — in “the dog ate my homework” fashion — told regional parliament this week construction is late because mice consumed the plans.

How about the balls on this guy huh? Going to stand in front of the Parliament  and say mice ate his plans with a straight face is a bold strategy. You almost have to respect it. The City is suffering through gridlock due to a crumbling infrastructure and the people over at town hall don’t give two shits. The article mentioned that there was a plan from 20 years ago on how to fix everything, and when they went to get it out, mice had ruined it. Wait what?! Someone 20 years ago made a plan to fix the gridlock? What the hell do these city officials actually do? No wonder they  have a terrible excuse, making up that excuse was literately the most work they’ve done in years. What kinda ship are you running over there Brussels? You need to get your ducks in a row and fix your city! maybe start by firing the people who thought “the mice ate it” was an acceptable excuse.  Everyone knows City Government 101: Know how to make up good excuses.





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