I quit! (Until March Madness)


Sometimes in gambling you get beat and sometimes you get get beat so bad you have to quit. This weekend I was lucky enough to experience one of these beats. On one of my gut picks too! It was brutal. I woke up Saturday morning, checked the lines and immediately saw that Golden State was at -3.5 against the Clippers, their lowest spread in months. I knew I would build my whole Saturday of gambling around this game because it was a gimme. It was a beautiful day, I was 5-0 going into the game and just needed this game to play out to finish the day 7-0, including a 3 team parlay, and double my money from the start of the day.

The Warriors were coming off an embarrassing loss to the Trailblazers on Friday night and you knew the 48-5 team would come out and put on a performance. The game played out exactly how I thought it would. Sure the Clippers have talent but the Warriors’ team may be the greatest team in the history of the NBA. I had no doubt in my mind the Warriors would get up and stay up around 8-10 points the whole game. They led by 10, 9 , 8 after the first 3 quarters respectfully and even went on a run to go up 16 with 1:45 to play. Cha-Ching right? Well that’s what I thought too, then it happened. The starters hit the bench and the Clippers went on a 13-0 run in 1:37 seconds to pull within 3. Somehow the Clippers had a foul to give so the Warriors inbound, get fouled, and call a timeout with 3.7 seconds left. Clearly the Clippers are in it til the end and are looking to force a turnover or foul immediately, so all the Warriors ( the starters are back in at this point) have to do is inbound the ball, get fouled, and make 1 foul shot to cover. What happens next made me crumble to the floor, they turned it over on the inbounds and the clippers get a chance to tie with a last second 3…the game ends with the warriors winning by 3. Not 4, 3! I know it sounds like I’m making that up, don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself.


That, ladies and Gentlemen, is a bad beat.

See you in March,




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