Stringer Bell and Robb Stark Teaming Up in New Movie “Bastille Day”

FRANCE BETTER WATCH THAT ASS!! This is pretty much Die Hard in Paris and I couldn’t be more stoked. It’s right around this time every year, after watching most of the critically acclaimed Best Picture nominees, that I find myself needing my movies to just do a little less. While I love the emotional roller-coaster of watching a man try to survive alone on Mars or fight his way across the American west to seek revenge on the man who wronged him, sometimes I just want to see some badasses blow some shit up in the least realistic fashion possible. So if you’re gonna do that and also incorporate two of my favorite HBO characters ever then you can just go ahead and take my money. The Young Wolf and Russell “Stringer” Bell teaming up to kick some corrupt, baguette eating, French ass. Can’t. Wait.

-Mr. Jersey


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