Man Skips Work for 6 Years, Still Gets Paid


Via Huffington Post:  For six years, a building supervisor in Spain quietly collected a $41,500 salary from his local government without showing up for work. And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for him getting an award for his 20 years of loyal service. Joaquín García, 69, was recently fined $30,000 for the extended paid vacation from a water treatment plant in Cádiz. According to deputy mayor Jorge Blas, it wasn’t until Garcia was due to be recognized for his hard work in 2010 that authorities realized his office was sitting vacant.

I can’t decide if I hate this guy or if I think he’s a hero. On one hand every working schlubs dream is to just disappear one day and somehow still get paid, so I’m with him there. But on the other hand I kind of hate that he let himself get caught. I mean all he had to do was show up for one god damn day, accept an award, and he would have been in the clear till retirement. Obviously this guy is no prisoner to responsibility but come on. But then he wins me right back with the excuses he gave for why he stopped coming, ” he reportedly blamed bullying at his workplace for his absence. He also said there was no work to do,”. Well guys case closed. Somebody was mean to him half a decade ago and it’s not like he had any work to do anyway. You know how water treatment plants are these days, things practically run themselves. You expect him to just come in and twiddle his thumbs? Let’s be reasonable here.

So yeah, I think I find myself on his side but I just wish he had manned up for one day, accepted the award, and disappeared back in to the night to complete one of the greatest acts of snaking it in workingman history.

-Mr. Jersey



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