A Look Back at 5 of The Best Grammy Performances

The 58th Annual Grammy’s are on tonight, and to get you hyped I’ve put together some of the best performances to my 25 year old memory. Without a doubt the Grammy’s are my favorite award show. Not nearly as stuffy as the Oscars or even the Emmy’s, but a little classier than the VMA’s. Having said that the performances tend to be a little more on the tame side overall, but there’s still plenty to enjoy.

1) Pink (2010) – Glitter in The Air

Pink is undoubtably one of the most underrated performers out there. She can truly belt it out and always sing live-which is more than you can say for most of her peers. I think she’s often thought of as less sexy or something like that, but watch her strip down into her little nude and white ribbon body suite, then hang upside down dripping in water and you might be reminded that the girls definitely got it goin’ on.

2) Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, and Lil’ Kim (2002)- Lady Marmalade

Bring this many big voices together, take away everyones pants, throw in some feather boas and booty shaking. BAM instant classic. It’s just science.


3) M.I.A., T.I, Kanye, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne (2009) –Swagga Like Us

Hands down this performance left the lasting impression it did because M.I.A. was an absolute maniac and performed this song in a tiny sheer Mini Mouse outfit, not only pregnant, but more specifically, she performed it on her due date. And everyone just watched and kind of said “Uhh, wut?”Also anytime award shows bring multiple artists on stage together it’s guaranteed to give me some feels.


4) Lady Gaga (2011)-Born This Way


This performance started the moment Gaga landed on the red carpet cocooned in a giant egg being carried by 6 people, and didn’t show her face until she emerged from it on stage for this performance. All of it is the stuff that entertainment dreams are made of. The egg, the creepy latex shoulders, a little piano/acapella solo (3 min mark), this was crazy Gaga in her prime. We just don’t see this much wackiness from Gaga anymore. She’s slated to perform a tribute to David Bowie tonight, but my guesses are that it’ll be pretty tame.


5) Eminem ft. Elton John (2001)- Stan

This was just such a strange mash up of two artists who couldn’t be more different, yet it sounded great and I’m still down with it. Also gotta love that the overall aesthetic was pretty dark and loathing and then Elton shows up in a pink and orange plaid silk suit. What a stud.






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