Erick Green Inducted Into PVI’s Hall Of Fame


NBA Point Guard, fellow Hokie alum, and friend of Blog:30, Erick Green (@ErickGreen), was honored last night in Fairfax, VA at Paul VI Catholic High School where he was officially inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. Erick played just one year for the Panthers, but during that time he led PVI to a State Championship all the while being named the 2009 Division I Independent League Player of the Year. No doubt, a well-deserved recognition for the man.

From high school, E (we like to call him E over here at Blog:30) went on to play four years at Virginia Tech where he eventually led the entire fuckin’ nation in scoring his senior year and was selected as the ACC Co-Player of the Year that same season. These aforementioned accolades alongside an unrelenting no-quit work ethic caught the eyes of NBA scouts from coast to coast, and sure enough, the Utah Jazz ended up drafting E 46th overall in 2013. Since then, Erick’s played overseas in Italy for Montepaschi Siena, back in the States for the Denver Nuggets, and just recently he was absolutely KILLING it in the D-League for the Reno Bighorns (26.7 PPG at a .533 clip over 23 games). Check out his crazy stat line and a shmorgishborg of video highlights for yourself here..

Nowadays, Erick is suiting up for the Utah Jazz on a second consecutive 10-day contract set to expire February 15th. Currently, it’s unclear whether or not Utah will pick up his contract for the remainder of the 2015-16 season, but this guy right here sure as hell hopes they do. And why wouldn’t they? Everything the dude touches turns to gold–or maybe green in his case. But hey, Utah GMs: Don’t believe me? As if his track record doesn’t speak for itself, let’s not forget that since you signed Erick, your team has been PIPIN’ HAWT going 8-1 in the games our boy has donned your jersey. Just sayin’.

However things turn out in Utah, E’s future is looking sweeter than ever. Still gets me in the feels every time I see him take the floor on the big stage after watching him grow up back home in Winchester, VA. Just try and block that jumper, you can’t! Anyway brother, you keep grindin’, shine bright, and congratulations on the HOF.

-Stat Tuna


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