American Pharoah Will be Laying Miles of Pipe in 2016


Holy shit! This guy fucks! Perks of being the first Triple Crown winner since 1978 ain’t to shabby huh? Pharoah is about to lay so much pipe in 2016 it would make JR Smith blush. He’s going to be sewing his oats from sea to shining sea all while his owners pocket a cool $35mil.  Unreal. Can you imagine your jizz being worth that much money? Realistically speaking I think I’d come in around $19.99 a pop and I feel like that might be being generous. There certainly aren’t 175 women lining up to buy it either. You know what they say about the Triple Crown winning horse semen game. It’s a seller’s market and right now the market, and every filly on either side of the Mississippi, are craving a blessing from the Pharoah.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: How nervous was that first lady horse going into meet Pharoah today? Lotta pressure to please the BMOC, and on Valentine’s Day weekend no less.


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