Best and Worst of the Yankees Promo Schedule

Schedule you can actually read here.

Pitchers and catchers are right around the corner with Spring Training not far behind and Opening Day only around a month and a half away. With the season creeping up on us the Yankees released their schedule of promotional events so here are the ones you should buy tickets for right now and the ones you won’t lose sleep over skipping.

SKIP -Apr. 4 Magnetic Schedule (Opening Day) – It’s just not worth it. For one thing it’s on a Monday so you either have to take two days vacation or stay sober enough to go to work on Tuesday. I don’t like either of those options. Secondly, its freaking April 4th, at best your are looking at a 50 degree day. Who wants to watch baseball in the cold when it’s not October?

BUY NOW – Apr. 23 Babe Ruth Bobblehead Day – I’m in on this. It’s on a weekend, it’s late enough in April that the weather might be decent, and it’s against a division opponent. Have yourself a nice little Sunday afternoon at the ballpark and walk out with a bobblehead of the Sultan of Swat.

SKIP – May 14 A-Rod Replica Bat Day – At first glance this one looks enticing. Arod could be knocking on the door of #700, it’s a Saturday game in mid May, and you get to leave with replica bat. Sounds like a homerun (pun completely intended). But when you read the fine print you see that the bats are only for those 14 and younger. Total rip off. Show up to a stadium full of little kids swinging mini-bats all over the place? No thanks.

BUY NOW – Jun. 12 – Old Timers Day – One of the best days of the season to be at Yankee Stadium. Get to see all your heroes of yesteryear on a beautiful June Sunday. Plus you have to think there will probably be a pretty great tribute for Yogi. Get these asap.

BUY NOW – Jul. 23 – Military Appreciation Night – Love this one. Head to the park on a Saturday night to salute the troops and leave with a dope camo Yankees hat. Best part is the hat is only for those 21 and up. This game is going to be an awesome summer night party.

BUY NOW – Aug. 13-14 – ’96 WS 20th Anniversary / Rivera Monument Park Dedication – Big mid-August weekend in the Bronx. Definitely try to get to at least one of these great events. Saturday we have a celebration of the first World Series Title for the Core 4. Absolutely insane that I was only 6 years old for that, seems like yesterday. Then Sunday the GOAT heads out to his eternal home behind centerfield. I don’t think you can wrong being at either of these games.

SKIP – Aug. 26 – Yankees Mason Jar Night – Go ahead and cross this one off. I don’t even get it. It’s just a mason jar? Is it full of moonshine or something? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Go ahead and find something else to do on this Friday night.

There you have it. Plan accordingly and if you find yourself with an extra ticket don’t forget your friend Mr. Jersey. Let’s go Yanks.

-Mr. Jersey



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