Gregg Popovich Says What’s On Everyone’s Minds Without Saying Anything

Gregg Popovich, best NBA coach of all time, gave us another gem last night. Notoriously known for being short during in-game interviews, this time we got to see a little glimpse of what’s behind the sarcastic mask. As he’s running off, David Aldridge hits him with a “Do you want election results?” and Pop, takes one more step away before his mind catches up to him and says holy shit, that is something I want. Before his brain can compute he breaks character, and spits out the only thing that he can “Who is it..uh what..” to which Aldridge delivers the bad news. Sanders and Trump. Without saying a word, the whole universe felt the disappointment through the three head shakes of Popovich.


PS. David Aldridge’s little giggle from seconds 17-19 is so damn cute I can’t stand it.


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