Johnny Football’s Agent Runs for the Hills

JFF agent.jpg

I knew it was bad, we all knew it was bad. I wrote a letter to Johnny  when this latest story broke but I had no idea how bad it was. We got a sense of how destructive Johnny’s relationship was with his GF in the season when they got pulled over after she through his phone and wallet out of a moving car. We all have that buddy thats in a relationship that is fueled by hate and shouting matches. For whatever reason I always side with the guys in those relationships because its usually due to the crazy level of their gf. But now its time to finally realize that Johnny is the Crazy GF. The details of this latest brush with the law/domestic violence, if true are not good. The fallout is coming quick and hard, Those closest to him are jumping ship. His agent, friends, NFL teams are all distancing themselves from JFF. I mean if you’re an NFL QB and your agent leaves you voluntarily, its not a good sign. Agents are sharks and can hold on to a cash seal cow for a long time through many many distractions so for this one to catch and realize Johnny Manziel is a huge red flag to everyone in the NFL.
Mr. Jersey was warning all the D-list celebrities to be careful this week because celebs die in 3’s. We’ll if I were a betting man (I am) I’d put some money on JFF because today might be in a very vulnerable state. Mix that with the cocktail of drugs and alcohol and bad things happen. I mean he’s already been quoted saying he will “kill himself/both of us.” The kid needs help but unfortunately he’s the only one that can help himself at this point. This is going to be a fiery fall from grace for JFF (as if it hasn’t been already) so set aside your morals and get some popcorn, should be very depressing entertaining.


Ps. Hey Mr. Jersey,

Can we play celebrity death Bingo? Just need a few cards of Celebrities near death/with CTE and we’re good to go. Make it happen.








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