My Faith in the Cavs has been Restored


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Not gonna lie, morale at team Coach was at an all time low. My childhood dog died, Johnny Bananas was eliminated from the challenge, and the Cavs have been a circus for the last week. Well NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS. The Cavs miraculously beat the Spurs (sans Tim Duncan) in a make or break game for the season in my own humble opinion. It was a must win, and they managed to do so with some timely offense from Kevin Love, and great team defense.

Lebron had 29 hard earned points, a couple of veracious blocks, and helped lead the team to their first win against the “top tiered” teams of the season (Bulls, Warriors, Spurs.) K Love and Kyrie both chipped in with 21, and this win helps out Eastern All Star Coach Ty Lue BIG TIME. Kevin Love carried the team in the first half. All starters finished in double digits and Delly came in with an on fire 15 off the bench. The Cavs shot 54% from the field in the new, up tempo offense that Lue is trying to bring to the table. And it’s not even like the Spurs had a bad night, they shot 49%. Yes, they didn’t have Tim Duncan and his Jnco Jeans wearing ass out there to get in Laybrons head, but every team deals with “injuries” at some point. We dissected the Spurs zone defense, were able to get in their face enough, and shot the lights out in a necessary win to save the Cavs season and restore hope to Cleveland. Let’s hope the Warriors get hurt fall to the Spurs, Clippers, or Rockets somehow in the West and keep hope alive for a championship at the Q.



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