All Star Reserves Announced


Image via Bleacherreport

So the All Star reserves were announced and I gotta say, the NBA is clearly at a crossroads. We have 3 new timers in the group: Draymond Green, (who really should be starting to be considered as an MVP candidate if he isn’t already) Andre Drummond, (who has been a Monster everywhere but the foul line this year) and dark horse Isaiah Thomas. I have no qualms with any of these guys making the team. 

Returning West reserves include DeMarcus Cousins who is the most entertaining big man since Shaq, LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Chris Paul, and Klay Thompson. A couple things. I know every year somebody gets snubbed because there are only a certain number of spots available, but I think this West team was picked perfectly. Would love to see Tim Duncan or Dirk or TParker in there, but they are the product now of good team basketball. They were All Stars, and play like All Stars, but the passing of the torch is happening. Kobe’s getting his last game, and next year Duncan and maybe Dirk will also get their nods as well.

The rest of the Eastern reserves include Jimmy Butler, Paul Millsap, DeMar DeRozan, Chris Bosh, and John Wall. I have no problem with Jimmy Butler, DeRozan, Wall, or Bosh on the team. They have all played their tits off this year. But Millsap? Really? Has he had a better season than his teammate Al Horford? I just feel like Horford, Gasol, or Whiteside were more deserving of the spot.

Now, the giant elephant in the room, Lebron is the only All Star on the Cavs. Kyrie got looked over because he’s only played a month and is still recovering from an injury, but K. Love? Woof. He was already the Cavs red headed step child…and now this happens? Let’s hope Varejao’s sweet kisses are enough to make him not want to kill himself.






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