The Challenge Bloodlines: Out For Blood Recap

Before I get started on the Challenge I just gotta put something out there. Catching the end of “Teen Mom” every week is super depressing. MTV needs to stop filming these people for real. I like my degenerate competing for cash prizes and the affection of TJ Lavin. Not raising children.

Anyway let’s pick it up at the first challenge.

First Challenge – Weight for Me

This challenge was a race to the top of a mountain. Remember they are back to competing with their bloodline. The catch was that the girls have to carry 45Lb sacks and the guys have to carry 75Lb sacks as they race to complete checkpoint on the way up. Vince sees the game and is fired up. Cause if there’s one thing Vince does well its challeng. . . . yeah I don’t know why Vince is fired up.

  • Aneesa and Rianna got out of the gates fast and took an early lead.
  • Vince almost immediately begins to disappoint Bananas.
  • Jaime struggles as well while Cara Maria berates him.
  • With Corey dragging ass he and Mitch fall to last place. Corey reveals he’s got half a Dejuan Blair situation going on and is missing his right ACL.
  • Jenna actually ethered him on Twitter while the show was airing. Ruthless.

  • Bananas and Vince lose a lot of ground at the second checkpoint as Vince continued to be pathetic. Succeed for me one time buddy. Bananas should probably take Vince behind the woodshed soon and put him out of his misery.
  • Aneesa and Rianna lose their lead as Rianna struggles on some really complicated monkey bars.
  • Brianna shows up and rips through those same monkey bars and her and Jenna take the lead.
  • Bananas and Cara Maria both rip through the bars as well to move in to 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Rianna is still monkeying around as Aneesa looks on. They peaked too soon.
  • A 7 piece puzzle ends up stopping everyone in their tracks and the game becomes a dead heat.
  • Mitch and Corey show up dead last and Mitch nails the puzzle immediately to win the Challenge.
  • TJ has a look in his eye like he wants to scream, “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!!”.
  • Corey claims Mitch got it so fast because “he went to college”. Why the fuck didn’t anyone tell me about the puzzle class in college? Feels like a missed opportunity there.
  • Jenna and Briana come in second. Jenna is legitimately the MVP of this season. Holy fuck.
  • Cara Maria and Jamie end up coming in last. Clearly they didn’t go to college.


  • As soon as they got back to the house Bananas does what Bananas does and plays the role of the Don and puts Mitch and Corey in his back pocket.
  • But not so fast! The young guys withstand the Bananas charm and throw Vince and Bananas in to the pit to face Cara Maria and Jamie.

The Pit – Through Thick and Thin

  • TJ lets us know that both team members will be participating in the game. Which is to break down a wall with a sledge hammer and then go through and solve a puzzle.
  • TJ drops the bomb that this is the last elimination before the show changes locations to Berlin.
  • Vince and Jaime start attacking the wall. We finally found something Vince can do and it’s literally just smashing  a hole in something. But Jaime get to make a smaller hole since Cara only has to fit through it so they get to the puzzle at the same time anyway. Vince can’t catch a break.
  • Bananas and Vince think they solve the puzzle first only  to have TJ break their hearts and tell them it’s not right.
  • Cara and Jamie come back and get the W.
  • So ends the reign of Johnny Bananas. Brought down by his own meathead cousin.
  • Et tu Vince?
  • Briana, Aneesa, and Rianna are in the final. Jenna is probably the strongest competitor remaining. Bananas is watching from home. This season is so so strange.

See you guys next week in Berlin for the last episode before the final.

-Mr. Jersey

Sleep well sweet prince. Vince can’t hurt you anymore.


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