Video Surfaces of Maty Mauk Snorting a ‘White Substance’


Matty lines on Coke

Maty Mauk really let that video fall into the wrong hands huh? @Ray56king dropping absolute ether on Maty Ice’s entire existence with this tweet.

Maty Lines just getting absolutely reckless with it since losing the QB1 job late in the season.  His 3rd suspension in 4 months probably marks the end of the Maty Mauk at Mizzu which is a shame because I actually really enjoyed watching him play. He was a gritty QB who knew how to win but seemed to not really give a shit what happened. Maty “Matural Ice” Mauk was the perfect candidate to step into that Johnny Fucking Football role in the SEC. His talent, privileged upbringing, and poor moral compass was the perfect combination be the next under-aged media darling. I mean just look at this story…

According to University of Missouri campus police, Mauk struck two parked vehicles while riding his motor scooter in the early morning hours of August 29. He and two female passengers fled the scene, refused to pull over for authorities, and ran a stop sign.

SEC football baby! Maty Lines taking 2 co-eds home on his scooter after a night of drinking, smashing into a few cars on the way but still probably smashing (pun intended) both girls before turning himself into the cops (knowing fully that we would get off with a slap on the wrist). I hope he was in this attire the night of the incident.

Matty Lines JFF

But are any of us really surprised? Look at this guy. Theres no hiding that coke addiction. If Cocaine ever became legal Maty Lines here could be the posterchild for the product.

Matty lines

I just don’t understand how any semi-famous person continues to do anything with phones around. There’s  gotta be a phone guy in every crew that just goes around and breaks phones if necessary. Or you can Zig while everyone zags and throw on a wig and fake mustache while hitting the Vegas Strip.






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