Chupacabra Caught In The Philippines


 Click here for the video of the thing

Creepy stuff coming out of the Philippines. A living creature has been captured known locally as Sigbin or more commonly in North America as ‘Chupacabra,’ an urban legend or more likely a rural legend that is just a step down from Big Foot.  The hairless creature has the head of a dog, the body of a sloth(?) and the claws of a demon, Chuppy here is down right frightening. Known for terrorizing rural farmers and their livestock, Chupacabras have long been sought out by urban legend chasers everywhere. Imitators have been proven to be other creatures, usually a coyote with mange, but this guy right here? This guy has to be the real deal. Not a doubt in my bones.

Always a big win for conspiracy theorist when we can prove everyone wrong with hard physical evidence. That’s why Making a Murderer was so popular.






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