Guy Gets a DUI After Passing Out in the McDonalds Drive Thru

mcdonalds drive thru.jpg

Naugatuck police say at 2:46 a.m. on Jan. 16, police responded to a McDonald’s for a man sleeping in a vehicle in the drive-thru lane.

Listen we’ve all been there, maybe not getting arrested for passing out in the drive thru lane at McDonalds, but we’ve all had that battle between passing out and hunger. If you haven’t woken up with food in the bed with you then have you really lived?

You come home after a night of paying too much for drinks and getting shot down like a slow moving plane over enemy territory with one thing on your mind, food! Some of us go the route of drunken food concoctions consisting of whatever is around the house, others decide it’s time to eat whatever is in that Chinese food container from 2 weeks ago. Both of those are good options when you are drunk and about to pass out. Some more dangerous options include turning on the oven for any reason (nuggets, pizza, fries, Pizza with Fries as the toppings, etc.), or boiling water for any reason (pasta, Ramen, hot chocolate? Etc) because who knows, you may leave it on and burn you house down, or you could try to take the pizza out of the oven without an oven mitt and burn the shit out of your hands. These types of things happen because drunken people can only care about one thing at a time. Usually, its food, at first, but it can quickly turn to sleep. That’s why you have to live by the 30 minute rule. If you can’t get food 30 minutes after getting home from the bar you might as well head to bed. Oh the pizza will be charred to a crisp and set off the smoke alarm?

burnt pizza.jpg

Oh the gas burner is still on? Oh I’m in a McDonalds Drive thru? It doesn’t matter! You will be passed out and you won’t be any less hungry.





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