British Explorer Dies Trying to Walk Across ANTARCTICA


(CNN)British explorer Henry Worsley has died attempting to be the first person to cross the Antarctic unaided, in an epic charity mission inspired by Ernest Shackleton. The 55-year-old former British Army officer died after being airlifted to a hospital in Punta Arenas, Chile, suffering severe exhaustion and dehydration.

Well yeah no shit. Listen, Henry Worsley is a bigger man then I will ever be. You line up our ratings on a video game, and hes like a 95 and I’m maybe a 60? Maybe. You line all of our stats up and he blows me out of the water every single time except one. Common Sense. Cmon’ Henry you gotta know that walking across ANTARTICA unaided is a bad idea! I’m not saying he deserved to die but we might want to consider Henry’s motivation here. He left behind a family to walk across the south fucking pole alone, during the holidays no less! Did he really want to succeed? I mean he was almost done…30 miles away, 30 miles away from going back to being an indoor cat…Just saying, someone doesn’t make it 913 miles across Antarctica and naturally dies 30 miles away from the finish line.

It might be my experience with my jacked up family but I think most men do stupid shit just so they can get some time away from their shitty family. Camping, for example, what the hell is that? Why do you want to go live outside for a few days? Oh you are going to get away from your shitty kids for a few days…makes sense now.  Most men just suffer through it. It’s called being a Man. But sometimes fathers just can’t take it anymore and snap. Whether they are stealing a scooter from their kids and riding off to the busiest tunnel in Australia or packing up a tent and walking to the South Pole, these men are crying out for help!


RIP Henry Worsley





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