New “Making a Murder” Theory Gaining Notoriety

Via Business InsiderFormer police sergeant and cold-case expert John Cameron believes he knows who killed Teresa Halbach — and it isn’t “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery. Cameron has a theory outlined on his website, as Uproxx previously reported, that an infamous serial killer named Edward Wayne Edwards, who’s known to frame others for his murders, is behind the killing that’s at the center of the Netflix docuseries.

You thought we were done with Making A Murderer didn’t you? Not by a fucking long shot! This latest and greatest theory comes to us from a man named John Cameron. The difference between this and all the other theories I’m sure you’ve heard is that this Cameron guy is a former police sergeant and cold case expert not some random person on Reddit. His claim is that Teresa Halbach was actually killed by little know serial killer, Edward Wayne Edwards. Edwards confessed to and was convicted of five murders in 2010 (he has since died in prison) but is suspected to have killed many more people, like a lot more, like maybe as many as 500 over the course of 50 years. On Cameron’s own website he details Edwards history and proposes that he may actually have been the real Zodiac Killer, the man behind the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and possibly the most evil and notorious serial killer in American history. Now just as a matter of fairness I should mention that Cameron’s own website has a little bit of a psychotic feel to it and someone should probably make sure he himself isn’t a murderer. But if you can look past the fact that he sounds a little crazy he does seem to have a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that Edwards is responsible for many, many killings. But how does this connect to our friend Steve Avery? Let Mr. Jersey run you through it:

1. Edwards is known to find victims or people to frame who have been spotlighted in the media. 
After Steve Avery was released from his first prison sentence he was pretty much the biggest news story in Wisconsin for the better part of a year.

2. It’s believed that Edwards is connected to many unsolved murder cases.
A few minutes of browsing Cameron’s website will tell you that this Edwards guy literally wrote and published an autobiography himself where he admitted to being a criminal and even described a lot of the murders that he’s suspected of committing.

3. Edwards liked to kill on Halloween.
What day did Teresa disappear again?? Oh yeah that’s right, it was Halloween.

4. Edwards had killed in Wisconsin before.
He admitted to the killing of a Wisconsin couple that would become known as the “sweetheart killings”. Oh and at the time of Halbach’s murder he lived an hour away from Steven Avery’s trailer.

5. Edwards likes to attend his victims’ funerals and trials.
On Cameron’s website he sites several examples of Edwards returning to the scenes of his murders and taunting the families of his victims. Now let’s take a look at an image that Cameron actually pulled right from Making a Murderer. On the left is a photo taken at the Manitowoc courthouse in either 2006 or 2007. On the right is a prison photo of Edwards from 2010. The man standing behind D.A. Ken Kratz has not been able to be identified….

edward wayne edwards making a murderer

Hey Ken, turn around you asshole! So yeah safe to say I’m officially shook. Is it just me or do I smell Making A Murder season 2 cooking? Someone get Dean and Jerry on the horn!

-Mr. Jersey


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