Well…what a way to start the weekend. David Blatt has been canned by the Cleveland Cavaliers according to Yahoo Sports. This move is…I don’t know, 4 months ahead of schedule? The news is just breaking, and I had called for Blatts head in both posts after the loss to the Spurs and the Warriors, but this came out of left field. This move means two things to me. 1) The management team is all in on winning right now. Not a year from now, not two years from now, but right now. After taking huge blows from the two best teams in the NBA in the last couple weeks with the talent the Cavs have, my guess is the management* just knows he’s not the man for the job, regardless of who they face in the finals. 2) Mozgov is gone. I just feel like Blatt and Mozgov were a package deal, and unless Timofey is willing to take a lesser role on this team (which he very much might be) this team is moving into a small ball direction, which terrifies me.

Ty Lue is rumored to be the new head coach. I don’t know how to feel. Up is down, left is right, our coach’s heads are falling off…Lue must have had a dentist appointment with Dr. Krentist and snuck a side meeting with DanĀ Levison Gilbert and explained how he would adjust rotations. My jaw is on the floor. I have no choice but to double down and go all in on Cleveland…just wow. Kyrie gone half the season, Shumpman injured, Mozgov returning off an injury, going 30-11, and Blatt is gone. No one is safe…Kevin Love may be gone too. All of this coming on the news that Kerr is cleared to be on the sideline again. Unsettling times my friends. So glad I bought league pass.

*Lebron James



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