Cuddle Parties are Popping up in Minnesota

cuddle party 2
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A growing number of people in the Twin Cities are finding great comfort in Cuddle Parties. It’s a monthly meet-up to better explore communication and boundaries, and yes to touch. On a bitterly cold Minneapolis night bedding sprawled across the floor warms a living room. “This is not a dating service. This is not a place people come to meet your life partner,” she told the group. “There are rules for how you are to behave in a Cuddle Party.”

Hey Lady, don’t put your orgy on a local news station and call it a Cuddle party. If you want to have an orgy just fucking have an orgy. Don’t tip toe around it by having a “Cuddle Party.” Just because you are being a sexual deviant with clothes on doesn’t mean you aren’t a sexual deviant. These people are gross and I very much want to think they don’t have sexual desires but look at these people,

cuddle party

That’s a pregame for an orgy! You cannot tell me otherwise. I’m surprised there’s not a European in a track suit doing stretches in the corner. These God fearing Minnesotans just need to let their freak flag fly and admit that they are there for the gang bang. Oh and if you still aren’t convinced, check out the cuddle party rules…Stolen straight from an orgy bar, I’m surprised the old broad isn’t being sued for plagiarizing.
They need to get out of here with all this medical terminology too. Bitch you are a retired nurse, you don’t have any data supporting this being medically beneficial. All you have is this quote “All that oxytocin stuff she talks about is true. It feels great.” Yeah he’s only there to “cuddle.” He probably kept rambling about how the oxytocin was better smashed up and snorted through a dollar bill. I don’t care how fucking cold it gets in Minnesota, these people are not not there for the gang bang.





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