Meteorologist Need to Do Their Jobs


Who’s got an easier job then fucking Meteorologist? I mean they have machines that do all the work for them. The doppler shit tracks fronts, temperatures, storm systems, barometric pressure, etc etc. All the Meteorologist do is read the information right off a computer. But the kicker is, they are wrong ALL the time! How have we not figured it out yet? Oh because we got a bunch of hairpieces running around calling themselves Meteorologist while having some catty banter with the anchor they want to bang instead of actually figuring out how to better predict the weather.

If you live on the East Coast  in America, you know the East coast is expecting to get a snow storm this weekend because it’s headline news across the country. Fucking Americans and their weather…anyways the “meteorologist are calling for 8-36″ of snow. What? Can we get it narrowed down a little here? If you are throwing out outrageous predictions with a 22” difference should you even be throwing it out there? Do Your Job! Accurately predict the weather, don’t cause panic for over 30 million residents a week out before you even know what the fuck the system is going to do. Fuck I’m heated today! Fuck that popcorn guy!

Ps. I wish I could explain my dick size like Meteorologist predict the weather. “yeah I’m working with 2-12″…wanna come back to my place and take a chance?”




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