Live Look at How I Feel After the Warriors Murdered the Cavs


It just hurts. I had been sick all day, but what I saw on the court last night both disgusted and terrified me. Kevin Love is not who we want him to be. Kyrie Irving still has a long way to go from recovering from his injury. Lebron talks a big game but on two occasions in the past week looked like a kid playing a man’s game. The jury is still out on Blatt and it’s not looking good.

Let’s look at the silver lining. I love Eastern Conference championships, that’s an easy obtainable goal. It’s not like we have to face the Spurs AND the Warriors to win a championship. The real estate market must be sky high, because Steph and Draymond own blocks of prime time real estate in these Cavs. Sell baby sell.

My thoughts as the game progressed:

  • Okay, down 10-2, we always play harder when the visiting team gets out to a good start
  • Steph Curry isn’t human…this is clear to me now.
  • Haha…they can’t shoot 70% through 4 quarters…that’s just math.
  • Kyrie is just having an off night. It’s just an off night from Kyrie is all.
  • This team isn’t going to win a championship this year.
  • We should have kept Wiggins.
  • I’m never going to see a Cavs championship in my lifetime.
  • Go Rockets

Part of me wants to believe that this team is getting KO’d early to rise like a Lebron Phoenix later…but it’s hard to have any confidence after last night’s onslaught.

“I hope the locker room still smells like champagne” is ether.



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