ICYMI: Big Time Heavyweight Knockout Over the Weekend

That video from this weekend shows American, Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder turning out the fucking lights on Pollock, Artur Szpilka, to retain his WBC Title. Now I know most of you were not chomping at the bit for a boxing blog today. But Mr. Jersey prides himself on being a lover of all electric displays of sport. Whether they be foreign or domestic, popular or obscure, men’s or women’s. So when there is finally an exciting moment in Heavyweight Boxing, I’m going to cover it.

You can’t tell me that video didn’t make you feel it in your plums a little bit. I’m a fan of MMA as well but there is just nothing that measures up to a pure knockout in boxing. Add in the fact that this is an American seizing the spotlight in a division that has been dominated for what seems like a decade plus by the boring, methodical, plodding style of the Klitschko brothers and you have what could be a turning point in the fight game. Seeing that K.O. and Wilder’s natural charisma gave me flashbacks to watching Tyson highlights and god dammit if it didn’t bring a smile to my face.

Hopefully the next move for Wilder is a date with WBA and WBO Title holder, Tyson Fury. The man who finally ended Wladimir Klitschko’s reign atop the division in 2015. The two had an in-ring confrontation (see below) after Wilder’s victory this weekend that led to Wilder saying he would “seek, kill, and destroy” Fury sometime in 2016. We can only hope, because Fury is more WWE headliner than respectable heavyweight champ. What can I say, it’s just more fun when boxing is important.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: The drunkest I ever got was watching a clip show of Mike Tyson’s Greatest Hits. I was taking a shot for every knockout. Guess what? They’re all knockouts and I woke up in a puddle of puke with a black eye I didn’t remember getting. Had a great time.


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