Happy 54th Jeff Van Gundy!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite NBA guys, JVJ! Whether it was holding on for dear life to Alonzo Mourning’s leg, accidentally getting punched in the face by Marcus Camby, or receiving a $100K fine from the league for criticizing refs Jeff’s time as a head coach was always interesting. Especially since he was actually able to lead my Knicks to some pretty good years and even a Finals appearance. Since his move to the broadcast booth in 2007 his work with Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, and Steve Kerr has been some of the best sports commentary around. It’s ironic that most of us love Jeff mostly because of how passionate he is about the things he hates. So when he goes of on a tangent in the middle of a game about how Augusta National is run by a bunch of racists:

we all just smile and go, “That’s Jeff for ya”. Whether it’s racist old golfers, flopping, or intentionally fouling DeAndre Jordan Jeff’s rants are never not amusing. So here’s to you Jeff you little weirdo, I hope Stan let’s you have a piece of your birthday cake.

-Mr. Jersey


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