2 Regional Champs, Set For a Showdown at Nationals are DQ’d After Finding Out They Are Cousins


via The Local ES- One of Spain’s most controversial sports has been embroiled in a new scandal after it emerged that two of the dogs due to compete in the nation’s most important race this weekend had been bred from a stolen champion. DNA testing has proved that two regional champion dogs who were due to compete in the national trial at the weekend were descended from the famous greyhound Chapapote, who was stolen by a gang of illegal breeders in 2008. Police recovered Chapapote in 2013 and arrested 29 people involved in the scam that saw him put out to stud for a charge of between €600 to €1,000 each time he mated. The gang are thought to have earned around half a million euros from the dog after renaming him and replacing his microchip. Under new regulations racing greyhounds are now compulsory tested and if it is found that they are bred from stolen greyhounds, they will be disqualified. DNA proved that Chapapote was the grandfather of two regional champions due to compete in the national heats this weekend. But the owners of the two disqualified dogs argue that they were unaware their dogs were descended from a stolen greyhound and that many other dogs of dubious parentage were also competing on the circuit.

Hey Spain, can you use some common sense for me just once please? You are going to ban these up-and-coming greyhounds because their grandpa was kidnapped for 5 years and forced to fuck a ton of bitches? Can you imagine if this were humans? Two cousins oblivious to their relation, rising up the ranks of their sport side by side, eyeing an epic showdown at the national championship, only to be disqualified when it is discovered their grandpa was the most bad ass racer in the nation’s history, thus revealing their biggest rival the past few years was actually family all along. Make that into a movie and its a wrap, golden globes, emmys, oscars, it’s a no contest. You need to let these dogs race Spain, it needs to happen!

How about ol’ Chapatote being so good at racing that a “gang” kidnaps him and puts him out to stud, making over $750,000!? Are you kidding me? Chapatote was probably like “oh cool, some new owners that let me fuck bitches all the time instead of forcing me to chase the worlds fastest rabbit every weekend.”


ps. I do not condone dog racing despite me being the resident degenerate here at Blog:30




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