News From Across the Pond: Kid kind of rapes three chicks and sets a sheep on fire. Gets told to stop drinking.

Daily Mail – A disturbed teen has been banned from drinking alcohol after pressuring underage girls into having sex with him and setting fire to a sheep.Kieran Taylor, 18, was also told he must obey a curfew and attend behaviour therapy after taking part in sexual activity with three girls, some of whom were up to three years younger than him.The loner also kicked and stabbed a sheep to death before burning it.Taylor, of Tilgate, West Sussex, pleaded guilty to three counts of engaging in sexual activity with a female child, arson and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at an earlier hearing.

Hey England, you gotta tighten things up over there man. This dude pestered three 15 year olds in to having sex with him and then murdered and incinerated a sheep and you just told him to stop drinking so much? Really? That’s what you’re going with here? Have you blokes never heard of pre-crime? Cause this ain’t even pre-crime it’s fucking post-crime for Christs sake. I hate to step on your toes England but America might have to come in and show you how it’s done on this one. I mean we framed Steve Avery for murder, put him away for life, and then for good measure we threw his special-ed nephew in the clink with him. Hell we sent Mike Vick to prison just for being mean to dogs! Give us six hours with this nut job of yours and we’ll have him confessing to crimes he never committed from West Sussex to Manchester. This is why the Revolution happened England, you’re too lenient. Stay woke.

-Mr. Jersey



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