Chip Kelly Hired as 49ers Head Coach

(Chip thinking about running his offense with Kap at QB)

And just like that Chip finds a new home. Is Chip the next level genius we were all led to believe he was? Doesn’t seem so. Are the 49ers any good right now? They certainly are not. Do they have a dual threat QB with playoff and Super Bowl experience that fits Chip’s ideal offensive game plan perfectly? You bet your ass they do. So while both Chip and Kaep have their warts this is probably their last best chance to make it work in the NFL. Chip the coach’s biggest enemy in Philly was Chip the GM (and Howie Roseman). If the Niners can keep personnel decisions out of his hands I think this has a real shot at working.

-Mr. Jersey

PS: Rovell Da Pun God




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