Start Your Day with the Top 5 Support Comedy Characters of All Time

Support characters, the unsung heros and heroins of television. Not everyone can be Michael Scott, Jack Donaghy, or the entire cast of Always Sunny. You need your role players, your bench guys, the guys to take the heat away from the main plot to help the audience connect. That’s how it is in life, and that’s how it is on the boob tube. I know my role, and for the most part, I’m an assist guy. A Steve Nash if you will. I love me a minor character that still leaves a lasting impression. Here are my top 5 in the comedic television category.

No. 5: Barry Zuckercorn, Arrested Development


I love a good lawyer joke, and Barry Zuckercorn is the lawyer joke that keeps on joking. Arrested Development was years ahead of everyone else, which is why I’m happy Netflix is making new episodes. Are the new episodes as good? Absolutely not. Is Barry Zuckercorn still kill it? You betcha sally baby.
Favorite Quote:
“Oh I could kiss you in the nuts…”
“We just gotta be sure and…wait what?”

No. 4: Stu Beggs, Californication


It’s hard to sell me on a big dicked millionaire who sleeps with Runkle’s wife, but damnit if Stu Beggs doesn’t deserve our love. He’s just an oversexed maniac with a huge piece who loves him some Marcy. His soft delivery of his lines make him all the more lovable.
Favorite Quote:
“Blowjobs are like handshakes”

No. 3: Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock


If you haven’t already binge watched 30 Rock on Netflix then I consider you the luckiest person on the planet. It’s one of the smartest comedies I’ve ever watched. Every character could make this list, but the ongoing gags they run with Kenneth are hysterical. He’s ageless, his devout religious beliefs, his ability to befriend farm animals…such a unique character that helped make the show.
Favorite Quote:
“I don’t choose Democrat or Republican because choosing is a sin so, I just write in the Lord’s name.”

No. 2: Dr. Bob Kelso, Scrubs


Somebody has to be the bad guy at a hospital, and that person needs to have big balls and the ability to not care what people think. Bob Kelso at Sacred Hart is that man. There isn’t a shtick about Bob I don’t like, his feuds with Dr. Cox, his love for hookers, his relationship with his gay son, his crass comebacks, the way he treats Ted…just a joy to watch. This guy secretly steals the show and keeps everyone on their toes at all times.
Favorite Quote:
“Sorry, booby horn, gotta go.”

No 1. The Undisputed Best Support Character of All Time. Kevin Malone, the Office.

I can’t write anything here that would do Kevin justice. Instead, I’ll let the footage speak for itself.

“I just want to lay on the beach and eat hot dogs…that’s all I ever wanted.”



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