Top 5 Moments from the National Championship

I can’t say it enough, last night was a great, great game. So many highlights and talking points here are the Top 5 things that stood out to me.

5.Lane Kiffin rolling in like an absolute boss.

Wireless Beats? Check. Sunglasses in an indoor stadium? Check. Trail of NFL prospects? Check. God damn Lane is one cocky motherfucker and I for one love it. I know a lot of people hate him for being a bit of a smug asshole, and he is, but I can’t get enough. We need more guys who step outside of the cookie cutter sports figure mold and put their nuts on the table. He fluctuates between rockstar and asshat but you got to hand it to him, guy called a hell of a game last night.

4.Deshaun Watson dropping dimes and in general just being a stud

30/47, 450yds., 4TDs, and another 70yds. on the ground. Watson was a monster last night against a defense made up almost entirely of future NFL players. He’s only a sophomore so he’ll be back in college next year but come 2017 Watson is going to have something to say about being the #1 pick in the draft.

3. The OJ Howard Experience
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.02.21 AM
This dude hadn’t had a TD since 2013 and ended up as the MVP of the National Title game. Both his touchdowns were huge momentum swingers at points in the game where it seemed like Clemson might really have had Alabama’s number. Howard came to Alabama in 2013 as the #1 TE prospect in the country. Injuries and some subpar play have led to a disappointing career to this point so it’s good to see the kid have a real breakout game that can hopefully propel him going into his senior season next year.

2.Alabama’s Special Teams Heroics

Hard to argue there were two more decisive plays in this game. First the ballsy onside kick call by Saban to get the ball right back after a score and really flip the momentum on its head. I feel like most people think of Saban as an old school, no risks, no flash type of coach. So when you see him sack up and call that play in that situation with so much on the line you really have to respect it. Also, perfect placement by the Bama kicker. Who apparently is a former Polish soccer player? Why doesn’t every team just find a soccer player to kick for them? I don’t get it.
Then, as if the special teams hadn’t done enough, Kenyan Drake put the nail in Clemson’s coffin taking a kickoff 95yds. to the house and ending with a awesome dive at the pylon cam. Clemson did a great job keeping the ball away from the dangerous Cyrus Jones on punt returns all night but even live it seemed like they fell asleep for a split second on this kick return and the lighting quick Drake made the hotline bling all the way to the end zone.
1. Clemson Covers!

My #1 moment of the night because I’m a degenerate and I have degenerate friends *cough cough Doc*. Truly incredible garbage time TD to salvage Clemson +7 bets and a truly backbreaking loss for those who had Bama -7. That right there is why people love to gamble. It’s never over, you can never feel safe, and you never know exactly when your heart is going to be ripped out until after it happens.

Overall a very enjoyable title game and a big win for the CFB Playoff after the two semis were both boring flops. Here’s hoping they get this thing expanded to 8 teams soon and we can really get wild with it.

-Mr. Jersey



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