Coach’s Craft Beer Brewery of the Week

This is another thing I hope to incorporate into the blog on a weekly basis. Ever since I was a freshmen in college, the one thing I loved to cut the work week down is a little Tuesday Boozeday. It’s a horribly irresponsible way to make it through the suffering. A group of friends of mine started taking Grape Popov or Captain Morgan shots one Tuesday our second semester, and we haven’t looked back since.

Times have changed though. My palate has been refined. I went from being just a liquor girl, to a full blown Craft Beer fan. Before you go and label me as a beer snob, I’m not. I’ll drink Miller Light until I can’t feel my face just like any other white trash. But, Coach is watching calories. Sometimes you gotta feel a little fancy, and if I can have 3 beers in place of the 8 standard American drafts, I’m going to.


Founders Brewing Co.

Make no mistake about it, Founders Brewing Co. is without a doubt the best tasting beer I’ve ever had. They meet every single requirement I have in a brewery. 1) They have a great IPA, and the All Day IPA is a delight in the summer. 2) The alcohol percentage is too the moon. If I’m drinking efficiently, I need more booze in my booze. That’s drinking 101. 3) They make the best damn stouts and porters. Their Breakfast Stout is what I prefer to have in my cheerios every morning, and if you can get your hands on their Imperial Stout BUY THAT SHIT IN BULK. My go to is their porter, it’s just a great tasting dark beer that litteraly makes all the pain go away. And finally, 4) Their labels are out of left field. They either make sense, or make no sense at all, and that’s what I love about it. Just throwing pictures of old lady’s on the side of the bottle and saying “I don’t give a fuck if it don’t make sense, what’s inside is what really counts.” and they have that by the ten fold. Now if you excuse me, it’s blog:30 and beer:30.

-Coach, 9:47am


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